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harley 2
The first touch of frost covers the ground. It's winter. Waking up in the dark. Driving to work under the volcanic sun. Our sunrise, always colourful, is tinted blood-red from the volcanic gasses. Destruction brings a special kind of beauty.

The first frost is always the most dangerous. It is not the worst, nor the most slippery. It is unexpected. Believing we still operate by the usual parameters, and finding we don't... there lies the danger. It takes time to adapt. To realise and accept the limitations of changed circumstances. And it can be so tempting to disregard the safe choice and hope for the best...

harley 2
Haven't been here in ages...

This thing stretches back to 2002. Strange memories and insights into a girl so different and yet the same.

More stable now. Confident. I've proven everything I need to prove. I am as successful as I ever feared, and still manage to spend the energy and time I need with my family.

I still need my alone time.
I still reminisce.

Tomorrow is my birthday. As always, I review the past year. I was given so much. I lost so much. And I am grateful for all of it. But tonight I'll allow myself a bit of melancholy. The loves I've relinquished don't fade that well. I miss sharing the darkness in my head.

harley 2
Just a reminder - I'm mostly journalling from bara.is these days. I'm in the slow process of integrating everything into it, collecting my various projects, such as the Saga Project and so on. Eventually it will be a place where I can talk about everything - be it MMA, the martial arts I'm practicing, World of Warcraft, Star Craft 2 or whatever games I play, or review books, post recipes, complain or revel in being an Icelandic girl and whatnot.

I'm just doing too many different things to keep it all separate. Twitter's integrated into the front page and I'm still deciding if I want to go into a public Flickr account again (almost all new uploads are private) and add that too somehow... but as I find wordpress far more convenient than livejournal as a sitebuilding tool, I've decided to keep my blogging over there.

Need more stuff?
harley 2
I've got a ton of ideas for , but suddenly all thoughts on how to implement them have turned to mush in my head.

I think I'm doing too much at once - but I've already cut down on WoW (don't play at all these days, signed off from raiding) and while
GoG.com is shamelessly stealing my time, I'm mostly just doing things that need doing.

Did a good deal of cleaning, sorted a bunch of bureaucratic crap, been attending 4 practices a week (2x yoga, 2x boxing) and waiting for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu to start up again. Also, last saturday was spent watching a boxing competition in Keflavík. Next saturday we're doing it again, except in Akranes. Fun stuff.

I need to start taking pictures again...

Oh so random.

harley 2
Finally updating bara.is again...
It's being pieced together, bit by bit, page by page.

It will eventually hold all my photos, writings, projects, blogs and other random stuff that I do. For great funz.

Things and Stuff
harley 2
Anybody trying out Rift?
I've been thinking of writing some of my initial impressions of Rift as I'm in the beta, but not entirely convinced I will buy it when it comes out. We'll see. Didn't want to post it here as I doubt anyone's really interested..!

Weekend will be full of Rift betatesting and UFC 126! Silva has been getting back on my to-watch list. OK, fine, he was always on it, but I was getting very annoyed with watching his fights - he's a superb fighter but as a seemingly unassailable counterstriker, a lot of his fights became rather uninspiring for the spectator. It was good to see him finally get to heart it out against Sonnen, and I'm hoping that will serve to make his challenger, Belfort, more aggressive on Saturday night. Silva has amazing talent, but his reactive style means it is often up to his opponent whether the fight will be dynamic or a hesitant stand-off.

In other news, still have a cough, but should get back to the saga project soon enough. I've already gotten back into BJJ, only missed one class, and that was mainly due to just not having the energy as it was shortly after the break-in.

Speaking of which, we should get our car back from the shop today. Will be good to have it back. Not looking forward to the bill, though. Those inbred cretinous thieves deserve to die a miserable, painful death, unloved and abandoned. Good news is, they probably will! Hah.

Cut for the WoW-phobesCollapse )

Enjoying a yummy food plan this week:
Monday: Spicy pork chops served with roasted sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower and string beans.
Tuesday: Salmon fillet, served with potatoes and fresh lemon-dill sourcream sauce.
Wednesday: Medister bake with rosemary roast potatoes, red onion, garlic and sweetcorn.
Thursday: Leftovers!
Friday: Lamb chops with rosemary and vegetables.
Saturday: Roast chicken with lemon and herbs, served with roast potatoes and veggies.

Lots of fresh vegetables and potatoes this week. Winter veggies and lots of onion. No tomato or bell peppers, which were in almost every meal last 2 weeks. No vegetarian day, though, bad me.

harley 2
Thanks to everyone for their support <3

It's been a rough week, but we have some of our stuff back and our car is in repairs. Hopefully police will find the intruders eventually.

I've got a new phone so people can call me again. Poke me if you don't have the new number (starts with 860)

harley 2
Burglars broke into our house while we were sleeping. Stole everything they could carry then drove away in our car. The financial damage to us is heavy. The photos, writing, and countless hours of work are irreplaceable. We only hope we get it back.

If you're in Iceland and see a black Peugeot 206cc with licence number SK 914, please contact the police.

January Sickness
harley 2
I'm sick of January.

Still trying to ditch the cold I've been carrying for over two weeks now. It's a nuisance. I was unable to work and raid for a week, it hit right before my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class started and it's caused a major delay recording for the Saga Project. As there already seems to be some interest for the free Icelandic saga audio books, I find that quite frustrating.

Lack of sunlight and lack of air.

Things have been happening though.
No mere cold can hold back the power of me!
We bought a freezer (this is awesome), and have implemented a lovely food plan for the past week. Yummy fresh meals, lovely savings and all that jazz. It is slightly disturbing how happy I am about this. Entirely too domestic, yet so lovely.

TRON is awesome. Just saying.

Secured our plane tickets to Denmark for Roskilde 2011!
Need to secure the actual festival tickets, but they won't go up in price as much so they'll wait for the next credit card period.

BJJ class was fun, too, and I'm excited to have regular exercise again. Ásdís dragged me along (not too hard to do, considering I've been curious about it for a while). Grappling is very different from anything I've done. I know nothing, so far, and I doubt I'll know much by the end of the course - 4 weeks is nothing, really. Not sure what to do after - Ásdís is teaching a boxing class, but it looks like it would clash with my raiding schedule. Tricky scheduling conflicts.

When did I become so busy?

Can't wait to get back to the saga project. It's fun, and I don't want it to stall so long that I lose my motivation. Stupid cold. Give me my voice back...

On Life, Work and Audiobooks
harley 2

Christmas is over and I'm back at work.

It was short but lovely. I am wearing a particularly comfortable Nikita sweater (a gift from my husband), relaxed and warm, enjoying the slow pace of the office today. So few are at work.

My voice isn't the best. I sound wispy and half asleep if I relax it, and if I use a stronger voice it breaks. A warm cup of coffee, a glass of mineral water and several readings to warm up my voice have yielded little improvement, so I've decided to postpone any audio recording until the afternoon. I've spent most of the morning working on a video recorded last week, where the audio is already in place.

This is good news for the audiobook, however. While my voice is not the best, the attempts to warm it up have yielded a couple of chapters of Egils saga. Last week, I began a pet project to record an audiobook for the Icelandic sagas. I thought I might as well read something interesting instead of just rambling to myself or re-reading the script over and over (it begins to sound so rehearsed). On good days, I only read a couple of short chapters and then my voice is ready. But on days like today, my voice just won't cooperate, and so the audiobook gets some extra chapters.

It's still in its infancy, and I'm not putting too much work into the recordings (there are errors and flaws, voice discrepancies and hesitations galore), but it is intended to be a free audiobook resource for the Icelandic sagas, which I don't think is available elsewhere.

If you're curious, you can check it out at http://sagaproject.wordpress.com/