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Cataclysm is awesome.

So is Tristan Allen.

December darkness gets me down.

I'm kind of drowning in work.

Lose sight of things under all the pressure...

I'm writing again. It's in Icelandic. I don't know why, but whenever I write, no matter how satirical or distant I originally start, my characters always end up being far more real and beautiful and tragic than I imagined. I tend to give up right around where they remind me I'm a cruel cynic who's really not as smart as she thinks she is.

But I'm a happy and successful overworked cruel cynic.

So here I am. Battling the drag of darkness and exhaustion, spurred on by imagination and love.

Funny how it's the intangible things that I can rely on.

World of Trollcraft
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It's a month until expansion day. People are growing bored, tired and short-tempered. I'm in a 25 man raiding guild, all heroic modes on steady farm, except the MeleeDPSAwarenessCheckKing... (our melee dps, it turns out, have no awareness - as someone who's been healing them through repeatedly standing in cleave for months, this was not news). 

We are one of the few guilds still active, still raiding. With the growing expansion-fatigue, we focused mainly on keeping active raids and getting people their ICC achievement mount - got mine this week ^^

But sometimes it feels like the only reason people bother logging on anymore is to poke and prod at everyone around them. Even I am becoming guilty of this. It’s hard to stay positive when everyone is determined to be annoying.

I don’t care if it’s restlessness or frustration or just plain boredom. I don’t care. The people who are being asshats are going on my ignore list now.

This is a little hard to do since I am a guild officer… but I think I’ll do it anyway.

And then I’m going to be vehemently, fiercely and unrepentantly CHEERFUL at everyone, until they fall over and choke on their own bitterness. So there.

In my free time, I've been running mainly with my brother, husband and some real life friends - farming heroics and old raids for gold. It has been some of the most fun times I've had in a while. Chilling on Skype while ploughing through stuff fast enough, or undermanned enough, to still provide a challenge. Four of us together took on Naxx 10 last night - I tried Smite healing it but... that was optimistic on bosses. Next time I'm staying proper heals on all boss fights, which should grab us the Undying title. Turns out that fourmanning Naxx nets you close to 1k gold in under two hours. And it was insanely fun. (For those interested, we ran with a prot pally, boomkin, fury warrior with prot offspec (for horsemen) and disc priest).

Ran a bunch of heroics with them (and my friend Berglaug) as well, which ended up getting me the Dungeon heroic Red Proto Drake. This has resulted in Piety receiving not just one, but two! awesome mounts this last week. I've got the Rusted Proto Drake on my paladin, but we're making plans to go for another Ulduar 10 achievement run, which will definitely see me on my priest.

Where did the summer escape to?
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Winter is here. I still have so many things to do. Loose ends to tie.
I can be such a procrastinator.
But life goes on regardless.

My life is surprisingly stable. When I think back to where I was a year ago, things seem so radically different. I was so fragile then. So wide-open and fierce. I was both terrified and fearless. I had no time for cowardice. There was no room for weakness or caution. I'd stripped my life bare of everything it had contained and rebuilt it in a matter of months. Grubby and spattered with blood paint, I was homeless, jobless and looking my greatest fear in the eye: commitment. Family. It all happened so fast.

And now... I have a great job. I rent an amazing apartment. I own a delightful car, loan-free.

I'm married.

I'm in a writer's group and a theatre group.
I'm an officer in a high-end raiding guild.
My days are spent doing the things I love.
There's more to do than I can ever fit into my schedule.

I've made some awesome new friends, and reconnected with old ones.

Life seems so ... full.
Yet, for the first time, stability doesn't feel like a rut.
I'm not the open wound I was then.
In my new-found happiness, I try to resist growing complacent and overly cautious.

Anything could happen tomorrow.
And that blood spattered rebel stomps on my fears and tells me that is a good thing.

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I may write about it. For now I'm recharging. Lots of Big Stuff has been going on for a while, and it's still weeks before my life is really going to get back to any kind of normality. But the marriage went superbly well, I'm very happy, if rather exhausted, and very grateful to the help of all those who came to assist us with the wedding.

Bridal news
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Oh yeah...

I'm getting married. Tomorrow, in a small private ceremony in Norway. Only a handful of guests - so sorry to those who have not received an invitation, very few did. There are many crazy stories to tell, and I just might write them later.

I never wanted to get married. I don't care for lots of people staring at me and the whole fluffy princess thing, and I never used to believe in forevers. But then I met Hákon. I still don't want to get married, I just want to marry Hákon. There's a subtle difference that I could not have imagined, because I simply never dreamed up anyone like him. He amazes me every day.

I still don't like fluffy princess things or people staring at me... but I am beginning to believe in forever.

TNT are slow, bad and in all other ways terrible at their jobs.
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Wedding dress was sent via TNT from India to Iceland on Monday the 5th of July. It was to arrive on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. On Friday, the package had still not left the Indian office, so the address was changed to Norway, since we would leave Iceland early Monday morning on the 12th of July and not be around to receive it.

The dressmaker tracked the package and confirmed and re-confirmed the address change all the way to Belgium. She spoke to the TNT service representatives again and again, and at all points was assured that yes, it was on its way to Norway, and would arrive in norway on Monday or Tuesday.

It arrived in Iceland.

Fortunately, we knew by now that TNT are incompetent, so we had spoken to someone to send it forward to Norway in case they utterly failed and delivered to the wrong address. Of course, this meant we also had to pay for a new delivery as well. Because TNT have terrible service. The package was scheduled to arrive Tuesday. My mother diligently tracked the package and finally saw, around 5 pm, that the package had been "delivered, nobody home" at just past 4 pm.

There were 7 people in the house. They were decorating and preparing the wedding downstairs in the living room, the room with the massive view of the quite long driveway. Right next to the doorbell. That nobody rung. She's been on the phone with them since, and supposedly the package is "on its way".
Yeah, we know how much that is worth...

It is now Wednesday the 14th of July, nearing noon.

We are still waiting.

The moral of this story: Use DHL, use FedEx, use ANYTHING other than TNT, because by God your package may never arrive if you do. There was no customs problem, no paperwork problem, there was no problem delivering to us, this is all entirely their fault. Their highest priority delivery service apparently takes longer than regular land mail to deliver. At an exorbitant cost.

I am never using their service again, and I will do my best to warn everyone I know never to use them either. I certainly know that the designer who created my dress, and the dressmaker who sewed it, will never use them again, and will recommend to all their clients to stay the hell away from TNT.

TNT are the worst "express" delivery business I have ever even heard of.

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We ran together.

I'd buried my head in a pillow, feeling frustrated and trapped with an overload of energy buzzing in my body like a tightly wound coil, grating against my insides. I tried to breathe calmly but relaxation wasn't going to happen. The best I could hope for was to try not to drive Hákon crazy in the process.

Energy is a wonderful thing, if you need it. The energy that coiled through me was more like a bottled hurricane. You don't want to be the bottle. My arms wrapped around me instinctively, as if it would help keeping it contained, and my eyes stared blankly as I tried to think of some reasonable outlet for 2 am on a Saturday night that would not involve drinking in a noisy bar.

I keep forgetting that Hákon loves me. Really loves me. Not self-centeredly, not possessively, but with devotion that leaves me speechless whenever I am reminded. Which is often, because I'm rather stupid. I've simply never experienced anything like this before. Most people have the urge to fix me when I'm unhappy, because they feel bad that I feel bad. Hákon doesn't try to fix me, he just finds ingenious ways of making me feel better. The difference is subtle in concept and massive in effect. Hákon doesn't look at the norm and try to nudge me into it. He simply goes with me, sometimes to the strangest places. When I feel trapped, he takes me on a journey without destination. When I'm bursting with energy, he takes me running...

And that's how we ended up breathless by the sea at 2 am, watching the sun race along the side of the Esja, glinting like liquid gold. We ran and walked and talked and ran. We discovered unexpected fountains, explored unfamiliar paths, made up stories about the families living in the houses we passed and mused on the origins of the leaning tower of Seltjarnarnes (accident or architecture? The debate continues...)

By the sea, the air was tangy with salt, so fresh it could scour your lungs. In the narrow streets, between the old houses, the air carried the heady scent of gardens in full bloom. It was the most romantic moment in my life, sweaty and exhausted in our jogging clothes walking among the graves of the old cemetary, in the beautiful quiet nearing 5 in the morning when we were finally almost home. The roaring energy was spent, with a magical, spontaneous run behind us, and the promise of very sore muscles waiting for the following days...

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Yesterday was a long day.

Somewhere in the chaos, I also found time to leave my guild. It wasn't dramatic, it has been coming for a while for very un-dramatic reasons. It's a late night guild, and I work in the morning.

Though yesterday was unusual with regards to work, I was working from 9 am to 1 am to meet two major deadlines, with just a lunch and dinner break. I even managed to use half an hour of my hour-long dinner break to get my hair cut. So efficient.

Today I'm just tired. But I feel good, otherwise. I got the projects finished and delivered regardless of how little time I was given to do them. They're high-profile projects, very direction-defining for the whole company, and my late hours even earned me a personal note from the CEO saying my efforts do not go unnoticed. It was a hard effort, but if it pays off it was worth it. If it doesn't pay off, at least I've demonstrated my tenacity, and that's something.

With regard to WoW, I'm not sure what to do next. I may look for a guild with earlier raid times, or I might not. It's all undecided. For now, all I want is to find a quiet moment or two to regain my focus, and maybe sleep for about a week.

The only entry I will post about the Icesave crap. Promise.
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I break my silence for the following announcement after headlines such as:

"Iceland blocks deal to pay Britain and the Netherlands £3.6bn for losses caused by collapse of failed bank Icesave" (UK Daily Mail)


"Iceland's president blocks £2.3bn Icesave deal to compensate the UK" (UK Daily Telegraph)

To all you reporters from the UK and Holland who can't see this anyway:

Are you stupid?

The Icelandic president did NOT decide we wouldn't pay, you morons. He decided to allow a public vote on whether we will pay with the existing law from August or with the new law that was passed last week. It's not a question of IF, but HOW, we pay. So fuck off with your total lack of basic investigative journalism you half-brained sensationalist retards.

Don't know what I'm talking about?
Banks were privatized. Greedy people had control of them. Icelandic law and administration didn't cover some of their entrepreneurial maneuverings such as the infamous Icesave - a bank that allowed UK and Netherland nationals to avoid paying taxes by using the banking equivalent of a duty free zone.

The banks crashed as a result of the big crisis. Icelandic banks were hit hard. Icesave customers suddenly lost access their money, just like a lot of other people. But Icesave wasn't guaranteed by their respective countries for the same reason that they were able to get better interest on their savings - it's registered in Iceland.

Icelandic law had no clear picture of this and they clearly didn't have a clue about what the Icelandic banks had been doing or what that entailed. They failed. Miserably. And since we are a responsible nation, and since ultimately our government operates by a democratic process, we are responsible for the actions of our government. We have since replaced the government, by the way, but in my personal opinion, a lot more needs to change.

The people who had been running those banks stole SEVERAL TIMES THE AMOUNT OF THE TOTAL ICESAVE DEBT from the Icelandic people. They're still not in jail. In fact, many of them are currently suing the crashed banks they had been running for millions more in "lost severance" and other such crap. Some were blatantly stealing (one guy is suing his bank for more than the 120million of bank funds he stole, oh sorry, "stored" in his private account "to keep it safe"... wtf? seriously?)

Anyway. If you want to read about the situation, don't read the bullshit the media is delivering, or do so with a very critical eye.

As for Icesave - the new law stands until it is either passed or failed in a public vote. We're paying, and we're paying with gargantuan interest (normal payment of international debts are in the 0.5% interest to the highest of 3% interest rate. We're supposed to pay 5%). There's only 300.000 of us, and that number is declining as people flee the soaring inflation and tax rates. The old law had clauses the brits and netherlanders didn't like, such as if the debt we have to pay in a year is larger than x% of the global production, we could postpone payment so that we could, you know, continue to provide minimal health care, education and public safety. That, apparently, is too much to ask. Fuckers. So there's a new law without any such clauses, and it STANDS FOR THE TIME BEING YOU FUCKTARDS AND IF IT FAILS WE STILL PAY.

Busy night!
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Sometimes, I love my job even more.
I disgracefully violate my confidentiality agreement by posting the following in-house email on a public site, but I think just this time I might get away with it.

(We are such a bunch of nerds!)


As the great, coordinated group of Hugviters accomplished the momentous achievement of publishing new releases of all major systems this week, we intend to celebrate with a lecture series in the dining hall later today.

  16:00 - Evolution of a Communications Database 1993-1996: KÞK reviews highlights and code. Also, the most entertaining ministry installations will be appraised.
  17:00 - Greatest Hits: ÓD and KÞK perform GoPro history greatest hits such as "This is my sea hat" and "I will survive".
  18:00 - GoPro X, base architecture and WebFolder introductions: ET reviews the main concerns regarding the base architecture and related challenges.
  19:00 - Is the internet a fad?: SH, recently graduated engineer, reviews the sociological influences of the internet.
  20:00 - Webservices made fun!: A shows us the fun side of web servicing, disproving the myth that UDDI, SOAP, RPC, WSDSL and XACML are not for the average computer user.
  21:00 - My Life as Project Manager: FI reviews the projects he has managed through the years. With encouragement, he might do the "Kaupthing Edge" dance.
  22:00 - African dances and SCRUM: V corrects the misunderstanding that those two things are not related.
  23:00 - Why Linux is doomed with the release of Windows 7: Born-again Microsoft man, H, testifies.

light refreshments will be available"


If you actually know the people and what they do, it's funnier.

... I guess you have to be a nerd to appreciate it.


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