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On Life, Work and Audiobooks
harley 2

Christmas is over and I'm back at work.

It was short but lovely. I am wearing a particularly comfortable Nikita sweater (a gift from my husband), relaxed and warm, enjoying the slow pace of the office today. So few are at work.

My voice isn't the best. I sound wispy and half asleep if I relax it, and if I use a stronger voice it breaks. A warm cup of coffee, a glass of mineral water and several readings to warm up my voice have yielded little improvement, so I've decided to postpone any audio recording until the afternoon. I've spent most of the morning working on a video recorded last week, where the audio is already in place.

This is good news for the audiobook, however. While my voice is not the best, the attempts to warm it up have yielded a couple of chapters of Egils saga. Last week, I began a pet project to record an audiobook for the Icelandic sagas. I thought I might as well read something interesting instead of just rambling to myself or re-reading the script over and over (it begins to sound so rehearsed). On good days, I only read a couple of short chapters and then my voice is ready. But on days like today, my voice just won't cooperate, and so the audiobook gets some extra chapters.

It's still in its infancy, and I'm not putting too much work into the recordings (there are errors and flaws, voice discrepancies and hesitations galore), but it is intended to be a free audiobook resource for the Icelandic sagas, which I don't think is available elsewhere.

If you're curious, you can check it out at

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Thank you!

You don't know how encouraging that is. It is always a bit intimidating to put one's projects out there.

I hope they meet your expectations :)

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